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Site Safety Systems

Site Safety Systems

Spiroll provides a range of products aimed at improving safety standards during the lifting and fixing of hollowcore slabs on the construction site.

This includes the SlabLock safety clamp for lifting and fixing that boasts a number of advantages over other methods.

A safe and efficient working environment during precast concrete erection is of vital importance. Fall prevention measures are now mandatory by EU law. Spiroll offers both an active and passive fall prevention system specifically aimed at protecting employees during the erection of hollowcore slabs.

SlabLock Clamps+


SlabLock Clamps come in a range of different specifications and combinations, and can be customised to fit a wide range of different hollowcore slab profiles. Their unique design provides both substantial labour and time savings when fixing hollowcore slabs on the construction site.

They also improve safety during the handling operation as the clamps have a unique locking device which locks the jaws into any position. The clamps grip on the recessed chamfer on the edge of the hollowcore slabs.

This significantly improves the speed and overall fixing time compared with using chains, as no crowbarring of the slabs is required. Once the slabs are ready to be fixed, the safety chains are removed and they can be dropped into exact position, tight next to one another. This locking device ensures that your lifting equipment is compliant with current regulations and reducing the risks associated with handling product on site.


  • High safety factor
  • Faster fixing by lock on and lock off
  • Three-man gangs instead of four-man gangs
  • No more choke chain lifting
  • No more barring slabs into position
  • Reduces timber stacking costs
  • Tested at 200% of safe working load
  • Certified and CE approved

Fall Arrest Clamps+

Hollow core_Fall_Arrest_System

Spiroll offers a Fall Arrest System that has been developed specifically for the protection of operators involved in site fixing of hollowcore slabs. According to regulations, during all work at height, responsibility is placed upon employers to provide a fall arrest system in cases where access exposes workers to a fall.

This system is ideal when a passive protection solution is not possible. For example, when slabs are being placed on site the operator will be exposed to the leading edge or staircase wells when receiving and fitting the elements. It is designed around a unique automatic locking mechanism that attaches directly onto the side recess in the hollowcore slabs. It has a quick release handle and is spring loaded, allowing it to be placed easily by hand.

If load is applied to the lanyard it will immediately tighten the clamp’s grip, ensuring that it will not move from the allocated position. The system is also supplied with a certified and EU approved harness. For slabs without the necessary side profile, a Pistol Anchor system is also available, which requires pre-drilled holes in the slab in order to secure the mechanism.


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  • Project planning
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