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Precast Concrete Moulds

Precast Concrete Moulds

In order to offer a complete precast solution for residential, commercial and industrial buildings, Spiroll can also help with design, specification, supply and installation of wet-cast moulds to manufacture elements such as walls, columns, beams and stairs.

The steel moulds are versatile, sturdy and easily operated and maintained. They are custom designed, calculated and tested by our engineers, providing all year round production and guaranteeing a high quality precast product.

They can be designed and supplied in varying lengths and sizes, as fixed or adjustable, complete with concrete vibration and curing systems, and hydraulic or manual operation. Spiroll can also provide an accompanying concrete batching and distribution system, and equipment for demoulding and handling finished products.

Moulds can be designed for multi or single strand stressing, and come complete with hydraulic rams for “soft” detensioning.

Beam Moulds+


Beam moulds are used in production of various types of precast concrete beam. Each mould can be manufactured to a customer’s specific requirements and they are designed to be durable, resistant and easy to clean.

Universal casting beds allow for flexibility and production of different profiles, while moulds to produce delta beams and heavy precast, such as bridge beams, can also be provided.

Column Moulds+


Column moulds are used in production of various precast column profiles and lengths. Each mould can be manufactured to a customer’s specific requirements. They are designed to be durable, resistant and easy to clean.

Stair Moulds+


Stair moulds come in a number of different forms, including vertical and upside down. They can be either mechanically or hydraulically operated, designed to single or double cast, with a heating system and pneumatic or electric vibration.

Tread, goings and risers can be fixed or adjustable.

Tilting Tables+


Tilting tables provide an economic means of manufacturing reinforced wall panels that can be used as cladding or load bearing walls in residential, commercial or industrial buildings. All tables are built to specification and tested rigorously, providing a sturdy and easily operated means of production, with minimal maintenance. 

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