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Spiroll Extrude Increased Performance from Hollowcore Machine

With the last key development to Spiroll machinery coming with the launch of the Universal Extruder cassette system in 2008, much work has been done since then to bring new improvements to the machine. These have been aimed at improving production speed, control and decreasing the noise level of the machine whilst in operation.

Variable speed controls have now been fitted to the extruder, which allow the user to increase or decrease the motor speed to meet specific production requirements. Changeable factors such as mix design and concrete availability can now be allowed for and adapted to, giving further scope for operators to optimise the hollowcore production cycle.

One of the biggest concerns for Spiroll’s engineers has been reducing the noise levels created by the machine. This has been a challenge as the attribute that gives the Universal Extruder its unique compaction strength is the high frequency vibration utilised in the auger drive system. Of course, at the same time this means that noise levels can be quite high. In response, new anti-vibration components have been fitted, and technology allowing better sound insulation has been incorporated into the design. These improvements mean a more user and environmentally friendly hollowcore production machine, that meets health and safety requirements.

As a company with a strong engineering heritage, Spiroll will continue to innovate, both in improving our current range of precast production machinery, and also when designing bespoke solutions for customers with specific needs.


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