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New 600 mm Wide Hollow Core Slab

At Spiroll we place great importance on continual development of our machinery and product range, so when valued customers Charcon CS came to us with a requirement for a narrow width hollow core slab, we were happy to take on the project.

Following feedback from customers, the demand for a narrow hollowcore product was recognised by Charcon for two key key reasons: as a means of improving the aesthetics of the finished floor; and to meet the requirements of clients that operate with limited lifting capabilities. As well as customer demand, the development of the 600 mm wide slab was driven by a desire to make the manufacturing process more efficient.

Spiroll answered this demand by developing a new cassette for the Universal Extruder. Based on the standard 150 mm x 1200 mm deep slab, the new cassette makes 2 x 600 mm wide and 150 mm deep units, with standard side profiles on both slabs.

Before the split slab cassette, the only option to manufacture narrower units was as a secondary cutting operation. Not only does this take longer and use a higher number of wear parts such as saw blades, it also greatly increases the wastage of raw materials, including concrete and prestressing strand.

This new cassette can be used alongside any of the others offered with the versatile Spiroll Universal Extruder, giving hollowcore producers the option to offer a new product to their clients, and also reduce greatly the wastage associated with secondary slab cutting operations.


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