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Lifting Hollowcore Slabs Down Under

When John Holland Australia approached Spiroll with a requirement for lifting clamps to be used for fixing hollowcore on site, we were certainly happy to help. The SlabLock clamps offered by Spiroll work by gripping in the top recess of the hollowcore slabs, and this was ideal for the project in question. The clamps’ versatility was also crucial, with the customer requiring a solution to lift slabs ranging from 150 mm to 400 mm in depth.

As mentioned above, the SlabLock clamps work so well on site as they lift using the recessed chamfer on the hollowcore. This means that the operator can position the slabs flush next to one another, resulting in a safer and faster operation that avoids the use of a crowbar to lever the slabs into their final position. They also have a locking mechanism and additional safety chains so that the clamps cannot open and drop the beam during the lift.

David Burnett, of John Holland Group Australia, said he was “very impressed with the quality and finish on the hollow core lifting clamps” and that “they work great.” The stunning pictures received of the clamps in action on site are testament alone to their reliability and suitability for the application.

Spiroll can offer a complete range of Slablock Clamps and Beams to lift and fix a variety of hollowcore slab profiles, depths and lengths. These clamps can also be used in the factory to lift slabs off the production beds or in the stock yard.



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