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Bespoke Production System for New Precast Product

Towards the end of 2012 Spiroll were contacted by Abeo A/S, a Danish company founded with the co-operation of The Technical University of Denmark (DTU). They were looking for a solution to enable the production of an innovative new prestressed product called the SL-Deck (SL stands for super light).

Born out of a desire to address some of the problems associated with traditional precast flooring systems, the SL-Deck utilises Abeo’s patented Super-Light Structures technology by combining ordinary and lightweight concrete. In fact, over 50% of the SL-Deck actually consists of light aggregate concrete which is cast in the form of arch shaped blocks. These form the bottom of the deck, while self compacting concrete fills out the remainder, thus forming beams that are stabilised and protected by the light aggregate.

This combinaton produces a lightweight deck that can achieve long spans. Latitudinal reinforcement is used in conjunction with longitudinal prestressed strands, which enables the slabs to be produced with a width of 2.4 metres as standard. They can be also be coupled crossways using post-tensioned wires, and flexibility in production allows the SL-Deck to be produced with rounded ends and sides. All of this adds up to give the architect more freedom in design, and helps to meet project specific requirements.

Other properties include excellent sound proofing capability due to the behaviour of sound waves when passing between the strong and light aggregate concrete, and a fire rating of 4 hours. This is achieved due to the protection given to the reinforcement by the lightweight concrete.

Working closely with Abeo from the outset, Spiroll were tasked with coming up with a production system, enabling one of Denmark’s leading precast concrete companies, Perstrup Concrete Industry A/S, to start producing the SL-Deck. With their factory located in Kolind, Perstrup produce precast concrete elements ranging from storage facilities, tunnels and agricultural products, to general construction.

After winning the contract to supply the equipment, Spiroll designed and manufactured a bespoke abutment system with a capacity of 500 tons, including a hydraulic detensioning unit. This was designed to cope safely with the strand patterns and high loads put into the prestressed strands in the SL-Deck. Hydraulic or “soft” detensioning is a much safer method than “shock” detensioning, and also ensures no damage is done to the product during this process.

As well as the manufacture of the moulds, complete with hydraulic sides, Spiroll also supplied a non-standard 2.4 metre wide Bed Cleaner for the factory. In addition to cleaning the moulds, this multi function machine can pull strands, spray oil, and lay insulation covers. This is a more economical method of carrying out what would normally be a labour intensive process during production.

Although more widely known for hollowcore production machinery, this is another project that shows the versatility and expertise available to Spiroll when it comes to precast concrete production technology.

The SL-Deck has already been used in a number of projects and applications. Initially this has been limited to the Danish market, but Abeo is already looking for further production partners around the world. For more information, please contact COO Peter Hertz at ph@abeo.dk, or visit www.abeo.dk.





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